Words and Creative Direction 

My face, never look me in the eye

My face, never look me in the eye


Aurora Bodenhamer

I studied Business with a specification in Advertising at Portland State University. I took classes in art and literature and found my love for writing and creating at a young age.

Whether the project is more writing intense or involves more creative direction, I stay focused on the question I am trying to answer. Working on personal art projects or working with clients, I want to make sure that I am doing my best to encompass the answer in my work.

My influences are the things I love. Whether it be a recent movie, record, my city or a person. I gather all of the bits of my day and show it through my work. My notebook and pen, the scraps of paper by my bed and the backs of receipts are the best places for my brain to fall onto.

I work on important things and reside in Brooklyn, New York, USA.






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